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Post  Assasse on Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:23 pm

Okay we need Much advertising guys and alot of members on our server that the server will rocks more then the fuck € GunZ
Why u say fuck to € gunz ? because it was before a very good server but then the BR´s was coming and it fucked up so it is a not a fucking european server its a fucking BR´s server okay so now we need members so if any have a good idea to advertise well and effect fully just wright here your idea i know the server is not up right now but i have fear if i will up the server no members will join and then i put money on it with no members so alot of peopel know me about GunZ i play this game more tehn 5 years but i dont think that alot of peopel will join so we need a good plan for advertising for members and i have also 1 thing we need a goooooood DEVELOPER for item´s clothes maps etc. so if we get sponsors or anything else we don´t need to invest alot of our money in the server i am looking for a very good server so that we have agreat time on it aw i forgot also a thingy we need also a DEVELOPER for AntiHack =/ ok wriht your ideas about advertising here please

btw i have 1 idea i told it Xemgin but its very expensiv =) its a advertising in TV on RTL2 german tv on Pokito =) the price of it? you don´t whant to know =)

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Re: Help!

Post  [M]ommy on Sat Oct 30, 2010 11:44 am

i have an idea : all member Share the server anywere hehe ;D Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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